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Do Shim translates to mean the martial path to centeredness. At Do Shim we aim to find balance in this hectic world through the rigorous training of the body, mind and spirit. Utilizing stretching, conditioning drills, kicks/strikes, locks/throws, breathe control and meditation, we help our students find what athletes call the "zone." What Zen calls "mushin." What artists call "inspiration." The coming together of every aspect of yourself into one penetrating force. In this state of being the seemingly impossible becomes possible.

The lineage of Do Shim traces directly to Hapkido's founding and the forebearers of Korean arts in America. We are proud to continue the legacy of renowned master, Bong Soo Han.

Master Khan

Julia Khan is the founder and instructor of Do Shim Martial Arts. She is a dedicated lifetime martial artist who prides herself on the never-ending pursuit of the unification of the mind, body and spirit. Her commitment to the martial arts began at eight in the art of Taekwondo. She studied Taekwondo diligently before also pursuing the paths of Kumdo and Hapkido. 

A certified 5th Dan Black Belt, she enjoys sharing her extensive experience with martial artists of all backgrounds. She has been teaching across the United States for over 25 years. With more than 30 years of experience in Taekwondo, Hapkido, and Kumdo (NY & Washington State Team Captain), Master Khan is proficient in teaching all ages and levels of experience from beginners to advanced black belts.

 Grand Master Cruz

Daniel Cruz began his training in the art of Hapkido under the tutelage of Grand Master Bong Soo Han over 35 years ago. As a senior member of the International Hapkido Federation, he was integral in the development of Han style Hapkido. Grand Master Cruz continues to train both students and instructors in the highly effective art. Over the years, he has led numerous law enforcement training sessions (including with the FBI), and Hapkido seminars throughout the world with Grand Master Han.