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About Us

Do Shim translates to mean the martial path to centeredness. At Do Shim we aim to find balance in this hectic world through the rigorous training of the body, mind and spirit. Utilizing mobility training, conditioning drills, kicks/strikes, locks/throws, breathe control and meditation, we help our students find what athletes call the "zone." What Zen calls "mushin." What artists call "inspiration." The coming together of every aspect of yourself into one penetrating force. In this state of being the seemingly impossible becomes possible.

The lineage of Do Shim traces directly to Hapkido's founding and the forebears of Korean arts in America. We are proud to continue the legacy of renowned master, Bong Soo Han.

Master Khan

Julia Khan is the founder and instructor of Do Shim Martial Arts. She is a dedicated lifetime martial artist who prides herself on the never-ending pursuit of the unification of the mind, body and spirit. Her commitment to the martial arts began at eight in the art of Taekwondo. She studied Taekwondo diligently before also pursuing the paths of Kumdo and Hapkido. Master Khan began training with Grand Master Han in 1998 and served as Operations Manager for the International Hapkido Federation offering guidance and supervision to its member schools and instructors.

A certified 5th Dan Black Belt, she enjoys sharing her extensive experience with martial artists of all backgrounds. She has been teaching across the United States for over 25 years. With over 30 years of experience in Taekwondo, Hapkido, and Kumdo (NY & Washington State Team Captain), Master Khan is proficient in teaching all ages and levels of experience from beginners to advanced black belts.

Grand Master Cruz

Danny Cruz began his martial arts career in Hawaii at the age of 12 and has studied the arts of Shotokan, Kajukenbo, Arnis, and Moo Duk Kwan as well as hand combat self-defense while stationed in Vietnam. He began his training in the art of Hapkido under the tutelage of Grand Master Han over 45 years ago and shares the honor of being the first of Grand Master Han's most senior students to be promoted and certified to the level of Master Instructor. As one of only two of Grand Master Han's senior masters, he was integral in the development of Han style Hapkido. Grand Master Cruz trained many students from around the world at the IHF Headquarters facility and continues to train both students and instructors in the highly effective art. Over the years, he has led numerous law enforcement training sessions (including with the FBI), and Hapkido seminars throughout the world with Grand Master Han. 

Grand Master Han

Bong Soo Han was the world's foremost practitioner of Hapkido and he is often referred to as the Father of Hapkido in the Western World. As one of the original senior students of the Founder of Hapkido, Yong Sul Choi, he led a dedicated effort in the development of Hapkido as it is known today. Grand Master Han studied and refined this powerful Korean martial art for more than 60 years. In Korea, the turbulent times of the post Korean War and the increasing conflicts of the Vietnam War called upon Grand Master Han to train hundreds of military personnel, including American/Korean Special Forces and Secret Service. His experience in training conflict-zone military personnel led him to be continually sought after for military and law enforcement training.

Grand Master Han was the subject of hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles, countless martial arts magazine cover stories, and was a member of the Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame. He was also featured in The Arts and Entertainment documentary, "The Martial Arts," the Wesley Snipes-produced "Master of the Martial Arts," and several other radio, Internet, and television profiles. In addition to being cited in dozens of martial arts books, Grand Master Han authored the book, Hapkido, The Korean Art of Self-Defense.

Grand Master Han, however, was best known for his indefatigable dedication to the teaching of Hapkido. He shared with thousands the truth and nature of martial arts: teachings which greatly impacted the life and teachings of Master Khan and Grand Master Cruz. 

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